President's Speech

Under our main theme of "Offering the best products for people working on this earth, and for their sphere of activity", we zealously continue making effects to provide the highest quality products possible. We are currently managing the production and sales of manufactured goods for a variety of industries. These products include agricultural materials, gardening materials and our specialties, the small winding rope for "Do-It-Yourself" rope. We are not just limited to manufacturing these products.

We are a multinational business firm, always searching for new enterprises. The character of our company prides it self on flexibility and friendly service.
The names of our products symbolize these characters: "A dokkiri binder twine","A small winding rope" "A palm peat",etc.

A feel strongly about competing on a global scale, continuously growing at a rapid pace. See for yourself.

We are here to serve you.

Kiyonori Nakajima


Corporate Profile

BMS Company Limited.  
Plot No. 1~ 6. Sector -4.            C.E.P.Z. Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Phone : 88-031-741010.           Fax: 88-031740067.
Foundation-                               5 December 1993.
Beginning of the
Construction-                             11 January 1994 .
Size of site-                                 3.2 acre.
Size of building-                         1.4 acre.
Number of the work force-      350.
Details of the work-                   Jute, Sisal, Hessian and various kinds of  Synthetic fiber ropes.
Starting  of the factory-            20 July 1994 Sisal factory.
10 August 1994 Synthetic fiber factory.
1 November 1996 Jute factory.
Hessian factory.
Business's bank-                        1. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
2. Woori Bank
Representative-                          Kiyonori Nakajima.
Parent Company-                       Marusan Sangyo Co. Ltd.

BMS Rope Company. Ltd.     
Plot No. 54~ 55. Sector -7.         C.E.P.Z. Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Phone : 88-031-742064.             Fax:  88-031-742064.
Foundation-                                  Nov 28, 2000..
Beginning of the construction-  Jan 28,2001 .
Size of site-                                   1.23 acre.
Size of building-                           0.98 acre.
Number of the work force-       150.
Details of the work-                    Braided rope and various kinds  of  Synthetic fiber ropes.
Starting  of the factory-              Braided rope factory. Synthetic fiber factory.
Business's bank-                         1. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation  Limited.

Representative-                           Kiyonori Nakajima.
Parent Company-                       Marusan Sangyo Co. Ltd.

Rope Specifications


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